Express Funded 2 Phase

A Structured Path to Your Trading Success

Designed for traders who seek a structured approach to becoming a funded trader, our 2 Phase Challenge offers a two-step process. This allows you to prove your trading skills in a controlled environment before transitioning to a funded account, all while offering a wide range of account sizes.

Crypto broker sitting at his workplace, looking at computer monitor, checking candlestick chart

2 Phase Challenge Rules

As you embark on your trading journey with Express Funded’s 2 Phase Challenge, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to the following rules:

Daily and Total Loss Limits:

⦿ Daily Drawdown Limit: 4% for both phases
⦿ Total Drawdown Limit: 12% for Phase 1 and 12% for Phase 2
Compliance with these rules is essential for effective risk management and responsible trading practices.

Profit Target (1 Phase):

⦿ Phase 1 Profit Target: 8% profit
⦿ Phase 2 Profit Target: 5% profit
Achieve these profit targets to complete each phase and move closer to funded trading.

Minimum Trading Days:

⦿ Minimum of 4 Days in Both Phases
This requirement ensures that you have sufficient trading activity to evaluate your performance.

Payout Frequency:

⦿ Payout After 15 Calendar Days
Experience regular bi-weekly payouts for consistent trading payouts.

Standard Account Benefits

The 1 Phase Challenge with Express Funded comes with a plethora of benefits designed to nurture your trading potential: