Express Funded Phase 1

Your Fast Track to Funded Trading

Designed for traders who aim to pass the challenge swiftly and get funded without delay, our 1 Phase Challenge offers a simplified, single-phase approach. This fast-tracks your transition to becoming a funded trader while maintaining a diverse range of account sizes, just like our Standard Account.

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1 Phase Challengee Rules

As you embark on your trading journey with Express Funded’s 1 Phase Challenge, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to the following rules:

Daily and Total Loss Limits:

⦿ Flat Daily Loss: 3%
⦿ Flat Total Loss: 10%
Adhering to these rules is vital for effective risk management and responsible trading practices.

Profit Target (1 Phase):

⦿ 1 Phase Profit Target: 10% profit
Strive to meet this profit target in a single phase to expedite your journey to funded trading.

Time Limit:

⦿ No Time Limit
Execute your trading strategy at your own pace, as there are no time constraints.

Payout Frequency:

⦿ Payout After 15 Calendar Days
Experience regular bi-weekly payouts for consistent trading payouts.

Standard Account Benefits

The 1 Phase Challenge with Express Funded comes with a plethora of benefits designed to nurture your trading potential: